The World Leadership Group



The World Leadership Group is for people in leadership positions who are passionate about leading successfully.  

The group’s agenda stimulates, empowers (with knowledge) and encourages members to become the best they can be.

Well-led organisations deliver on their promise - They achieve great results and are great places to work and develop - for everybody.   The WLG facilitates and enables members to develop this future for their business.

The head of one of our alumni companies wrote of the group (following a successful trade sale).....

“The WLG are the best at what they do - They are far more than a CEO support group.   It’s a collection of passionate and committed individuals who support each other and help deliver specific goals - financial or otherwise.

The Chairman and founder,  Harold Sharples has personally worked with the CEO of IBM and coached the MDs of Beaverbrooks the Jewellers and Bruntwood Estates amongst others.

He has a world-class reputation - meeting and working one-on-one with business gurus such as Stephen Covey,  Elliott Jaques and USAF General Bill Creech.

Harold chairs each monthly meeting,  personally mentors individual members and makes it his mission to effectively facilitate achieving their business goals.

The WLG is like no support group you’ve come across before - run by the very best, for high achievers.   Former members include the Entrepreneur of the Year 2005 and runner-up Entrepreneur of the Year 2002.  

Nearly every single former member has achieved her / his aims - whether that be IPO, trade sale, buy-in, buy-out - or simply running their company really really well.

If you are passionate about leadership,  if you want to be the best you can be and achieve the full potential for your business,  then this is the group for you.”


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